ML, AR & CV. Talks
by scientists and practitioners.
Minsk, March 2
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On March 2nd, Bulba Ventures will launch its first conference about machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality. bulbacon will become a platform for experience exchange and communication between scientists and practitioners, beginners and experienced professionals. Participants can expect practical talks, useful cases, and networking opportunities.

Dima Korolev
Head of Machine Learning, FriendlyData
Eric Gundersen
CEO, Mapbox
Peter Fedichev
Ph.D., Co-founder, GERO
Luuk van Dijk
Ph.D., CEO, Daedalean
Nikita Blinov
Founder SBDA Group
Andrey Gabisov
CMO, Co-founder, Oco Cameras
Lena Krauzova
Venture partner, Speedinvest
Alexander Kalinovsky
Data Science Lead, OneSoil
Andrei Kulik
Angel Investor, Engineer at Google
Arseny Kravchenko
Alchemy Team Lead, Wannaby
Denis Yarats
Research Assistant at FAIR, Ph.D. student at NYU
Alexey Meleshkevich
CEO & Founder,
Total Games
Pavel Danilov
Managing partner of Agrotech I fund, Skolkovo Ventures
Grigory Bakunov
Director of Technologies at Yandex
Victor Lempitsky
Ph.D., Associate Professor at Skoltech, Lab Leader at Samsung AI Center
Andrey Styskin
Head of search, Yandex
Viktor Prokopenya
Founder, VP Capital
Fedor Chervinskii
Senior Data Scientist, Team Lead, lvl 5, Inc
Kyunghyun Cho
Ph.D., Assistant professor of computer science and data science at New York University, research scientist at Facebook AI Research
Alexander Gornyi
CSO Citymobil author of #startupoftheday blog
Vitali Valianiuk
CEO «Pro Business», business track host
Alexey Natekin
Benevolent Dictator, tech track host

Tech track
Business track

Tech 💻

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Greetings & kick-off
Can neural networks extend life expectancy of mobile phone owners?
Peter Fedichev (Ph.D., Co-founder, GERO)

Fast ML inference on mobile devices
Andrei Kulik (Angel Investor, Engineer at Google)
☕ & 🤝
ML + Remote Sensing + Agriculture = Profit
Alexander Kalinovsky (Data Science Lead, OneSoil)
Engineer and chill. How to keep calm and stay technical in the world of IT business
Dima Korolev (Head of Machine Learning, FriendlyData)
🌭 🍔 🍟 🍕 & 🤝
Rusty rake and silver bullets: how we developed Wanna Kicks
Arseny Kravchenko (Alchemy Team Lead, Wannaby)
Toloka: fuel for machine learning
Andrei Styskin (Yandex)
Towards photorealistic 3D telepresence
Victor Lempitsky (Ph.D., Associate Professor at Skoltech, Lab Leader at Samsung AI Center)
☕ & 🤝
Three Flavors of Neural Sequence Generation
Kyunghyun Cho (Ph.D., Assistant professor of computer science and data science at New York University, research scientist at Facebook AI Research)
Quasi-hyperbolic momentum and Adam for deep learning
Denis Yarats (Research Assistant at FAIR, Ph.D. student at NYU)
Maps for Robots
Fedor Chervinskii (Senior Data Scientist, Team Lead, lvl 5, Inc)
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Business 💼

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Greetings & kick-off
Gamification. Managing user motivation in mobile apps.
Alexey Meleshkevich (CEO & founder, Total Games)
How CV / ML are transforming the agricultural sector
Pavel Danilov (Skolkovo Ventures, Managing partner Agrotech I fund)
☕ & 🤝
How to use friends and ignore people
Luuk van Dijk (Ph.D, CEO, Daedalean)
Too much noise. How to understand what's happening in the tech world today.
Grigory Bakunov (Director of spreading technology, Yandex)
🌭 🍔 🍟 🍕 & 🤝
Eric Gundersen (CEO, Mapbox)
K-factor>1 is the new LTV>CPA and what does it have to do with AR
Viktor Prokopenya (Founder, VP Capital)
Q&A: Launching on international markets. Branding, Marketing & PR for hardware startups.
Lena Krauzova (Venture partner, Speedinvest) & Andrey Gabisov (CMO, co-founder, Oco Cameras)
☕ & 🤝
Q&A: How to sell deeptech products on international markets.
Lena Krauzova (Venture partner, Speedinvest) & Nikita Blinov (Founder, SBDA Group)
How can a startup get corporate investments and how can they be useful ?
Alexander Gornyi (CSO Citymobil, author of #startupoftheday blog)
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Alexey has 16 year of experience in the gaming industry. He founded Melesta game studio, which was acquired by Wargaming in 2015. He created such popular games as Farm Frenzy, Toy Defence and MyCafe.
A serial IT entrepreneur and investor, Viktor Prokopenya is the founder of the global investment firm VP Capital.

A trained lawyer, computer scientist, and a Doctor in Business Administration and Behavioural Economics, Viktor is passionate about cutting-edge and innovative technologies. He has founded a number of technology businesses, grown them successfully into leaders in their field and subsequently sold them.

Viktor has won the prestigious Belarusian IT entrepreneur of the year award three times.
Since 2015 Andrey is the head of search at Yandex. He graduated from the cybernetics faculty at the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI).

Andrey has been working at Yandex since 2007. He developed the knowledge extraction system for Yandex.Market. In 2008 he moved to Search. Andrey launched filtration of unsuitable content, search of new results and parallel search results display system. In 2012 he became the head of the rating department and worked on updating the quality of international search.
Grigory Bakunov (aka @bobuk) is someone who has been behind Yandex core technologies since 2004.

In 2014 he became Director of Technologies at Yandex, responsible for all experimental R&D that may or may not be implemented in the company's future products. Since 2017 he has been focused on Yandex.Health service.

Grigory is a technology, startup and internet evangelist, who is a highly in demand speaker at internet-related events and industry conferences.

He is the founder and anchorman at Radio-T (, a Russian-language podcast for geeks with 500,000 weekly listeners.
Pavel is responsible for investment activities and investor relations at Agrotech fund, managed by Skolkovo Ventures.

He was previously an assistant investment director at ONEXIM Group and an associate at M&A / IB Barclays Capital. Pavel also co-founded ag tech startups Maiaki (USA) and Agrosputnik (Russia). He was a member of the board of directors at UAI agroholding, RBK, Quadra, Optogan, Profotech & Renaissance Credit.

Education: Ural State Economic University, NES, Stanford GSB

Lena is a venture partner working with startups in Russia and CIS. She is working with european early-stage venture fund Speedinvest. In 2017-2018 she worked in Speedinvest Moscow office. Speedinvest has five offices in Europe and one in Silicon Valley. With €200 million under management, the fund invests up to €1 million in pre-seed/seed rounds. The historical focus of Speedinvest has been projects with a strong technological component.
Previously Lena worked as an observer for the entrepreneurial and tech section of large business media (RBK, Republic (previously - Slon), Forbes). Lena is responsible for scouting promising projects and works with Russian and CIS markets. Her previous experience allows her to help growing startups with positioning, usage of media and content-marketing for communication with key audiences within overall business strategy.
SBDA Group — delivers machine learning that allows banks to offer a personalized and automated financial advisory service to their customers. SBDA technology uses proprietary AI models which combine a retail bank's internal data and publicly available merchant data from 10,000+ external sources to highly-personalized AI driven recommendations and various «tips». The product boosts banks' Net Promoter Scores and customer engagement levels, enhances trust and increases the sale of core banking products by suggesting targeted products for clients.
After their Series A round of VC funding in December 2017 SBDA started expanding to Europe and North America. Now SBDA works with banks and financial institutions worldwide including MasterCard, Unicredit, Raiffeisenbank, Intesa, Sberbank, BNP Paribas and others.
Andrey Gabisov is the CMO and Co-founder of Oco Cameras - a hardware startup that makes security cameras with video analytics for homes and small businesses. Oco Cameras are weather and vandal proof with SD cards and Cloud storage, which are now well-recognized among business owners and smart – home geeks in the US.
In 2016, Oco Cameras was founded by three Russians, Andrey Lavrov, Andrey Gabisov and Philipp Ryzhkov – they were invited to AngelPad accelerator ( Oco was the first Russian team to get into AngelPad) and through AngelPad's alumni, traditional media and influencers developed Oco's brand in a highly-competitive niche of consumer electronics. Now you can find Oco cameras in the US across all major retailers like Target, BestBuy
Graduate of the Mathematics and Mechanics faculty of St. Petersburg University, Ph.D fellow at the Technical University of Munich. Founder and benevolent dictator of the Open Data Science community (2015). Alexey also founded a platform for machine learning competitions Data Souls. Previously the founder of DM Labs with stints at CDO Diginetica, ex-Deloitte, ex-Siemens. Big lover of boosting, bear tamer.
Vitaly has more than 15 years experience in journalism as a reporter, editor, and editor-in-chief. He moderates various business meetings, conferences and forums for more than 4 years.
Dima is passionate about data, machine learning, infrastructure, reliability, high performance, and C++. Before FriendlyData was acquired, he was the Head of Machine Learning and combined ML and NLP algorithms to better understand free-form user inputs. He is behind the query completion and spelling correction engines. In addition, he used to be a competitive programmer, and his background includes teaching both CS fundamentals and data mining techniques.
As the CEO of Mapbox, Eric Gundersen oversees product, business, and marketing.

Eric started Mapbox to create tools that make location data powerful and available to everyone. Previously, Eric co-founded Development Seed, a consultancy that developed open source tools for international development agencies and nonprofits to map the world.

He holds a master's degree in International Development, and a dual bachelor's degree in Economics and International Relations from the American University.
Luuk is the founder of Daedalean, where he leads a team in the development of autonomous flight software for electric personal VTOL aircrafts of the near future. Daedalean innovates through combining cutting-edge robotics with avionics and safety-critical standards. Luuk advised a number of international tech start-ups and previously held Senior Software Engineering positions at Google Zürich and SpaceX, where he worked on infrastructure, flight software, and machine learning projects, among others. He holds a PhD in theoretical Physics with no formal training in the use or programming of computers.
Petr's scientific background lies in the field of condensed matter physics, biophysics, and bioinformatics. He was among the top-3 most cited Russian physicists under 35 y.o. In 2012 he founded Gero – a longevity biotech company developing life-extending therapies. The competitive edge of the company is the application of AI and theoretical physics to the analysis of modern biological data (-omics). Petr does a lot of research activities in the field of aging biology, biophysics and has more than 70 publications in peer-reviewed academic magazines.
Sergey Gonchar is the Co-Founder & CTO of MSQRD which was acquired by Facebook in 2016. He is now actively working on MSQRD tech integration and its evolution inside Facebook. With the team, he launched Spark AR Platform which enables anyone in the world to create AR experiences for Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook apps.
Alexander is the head of the data science team at OneSoil, a startup developing a precision farming platform. He graduated from the Belarusian State University with a degree in physics and continues his research activities in the United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Since 2015 Alexander is teaching a course "Analysis of images and video" at the Yandex School of Data Analysis. His research interests include deep & machine learning, computer vision and medical imaging.
Andrei is known in Belarus as an angel investor and the CEO of AIMATTER, a startup that was acquired by Google in 2017. Now Andrei works in Google's Zurich office and develops research in such areas as machine learning, video and image processing, big data.
In 2008 he quit the Faculty of Journalism and got interested in tech. Arseny was working in online-advertising, product management, and machine learning at Wargaming, Yandex and Juno. He is now leading the R&D team at WANNABY, a startup that is developing augmented reality technologies.
Denis is a Ph.D. student in Machine Learning at New York University and a Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research. His research interests lie broadly in Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning. Currently, he is working on developing robust methods for RL that can infer an expert reward function from a handful of demonstrations. Prior to this, he worked on Neural Machine Translation and Dialog Systems.
Victor Lempitsky leads the Vision, Learning, Telepresence (VIOLET) Lab at the Samsung AI Center in Moscow, and also holds an associate professor position at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech). In the past, Victor was a researcher at Yandex, at the Visual Geometry Group (VGG) of Oxford University, and at the Computer Vision group of Microsoft Research Cambridge. He holds a PhD from Moscow State University (2007). Victor's research interests lie in various aspects of computer vision and deep learning. He has been published extensively in top computer vision and machine learning publications, and has served as an area chair for top computer vision conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) on multiple occasions. In 2018, he received a Scopus Russia Award given to the most highly cited Russian researchers.
Fedor Chervinskii is a Research Engineer and Team Lead at Lvl5 Inc. Having graduated from MIPT with a major in experimental physics, he later switched to data analysis and computational science. Since 2014, Fedor has been working under the supervision of Prof. V. Lempitsky at Skoltech and then at Yandex, focusing primarily on computer vision methods applied to the domain of autonomous vehicles and ADAS; he also took part in the Yandex SDC project launch. Fedor is passionate about learning and perception in real world applications, while looking for insights about the human mind in these toy models of intelligence.
Kyunghyun Cho is an assistant professor of computer science and data science at New York University and a research scientist at Facebook AI Research. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Montreal until summer 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Yoshua Bengio, and received his PhD and MSc degrees from Aalto University early 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Juha Karhunen, Dr. Tapani Raiko and Dr. Alexander Ilin. He tries his best to find a balance among machine learning, natural language processing, and life, but almost always fails to do so.
Graduated with distinction from Lomonosov Moscow State University, faculty of computing mathematics and cybernetics.

After graduation Alexander started his career in as a programmer and rose to the position of head of mail service business unit. In March 2006 Alexander became the Head of Web Projects Development Department in Rambler. Since the autumn of 2006 he led the service in Media Mir (RBK Group). At the same time he served as head of the project. Since 2009 Alexander held the position of assistant general manager of Media Mir. In 2010 he became the head of the ICQ project in Mail.Ru Group. In 2011 he became the IT director of Mail.Ru Group, and in 2016 was appointed Strategy and Analysis Director.

Since 2019 CSO Citymobil.

Alexander is also the author of #startupoftheday blog.
Tech-entrepreneur, venture investor and software engineer. Founder of MAPS.ME and AIMATTER. In spring 2018, together with his business partner Andrei Avsievich founded Bulba Ventures to invest in machine learning startups. There are four startups in the Bulba Ventures portfolio: WANNABY, OneSoil, Voir and Rocketbody.
Throughout his career Andrei moved from operational work in accounting and financial management in Moscow to the management of an operational business in Siberia and the modernization and restructuring of the largest business in his homeland to IT and venture investments. Together with Yury Melnichek he founded Bulba Ventures to invest in machine learning startups. There are four startups in the Bulba Ventures portfolio: WANNABY, OneSoil, Voir and Rocketbody.